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About Us Shopnopari

Shopnopari is the place where travelers meet. We are passionate about roaming around beautiful Bangladesh to adore the unexplored natural and historical beauties of the country and very much welcome like-minded people to join us.
This is not a marketing/promotional group but a mere interactive group for the love of traveling. We arrange trips and tours in Bangladesh and look forward to peeps to accompany us. You can do it too. Any group members can arrange or plan a trip and we can all share the getaway. Sharing is caring, traveling is happiness and we would love to share amongst everyone possible .

What Can Amazing Tours Offer?

We’re called ‘Amazing Tours’ because we feature holidays from every one of the Bangladesh’s leading tour operators. The massive choice and variety of Amazing Tours is what makes us as valuable to you as a holiday search tool! Add to that our new Cruise section, which features the biggest Cruise operators in the world, and you begin to appreciate just what an incredible holiday resource you’ve discovered.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Amazing Tours?

In the competitive world of tour operate companies Amazing Tours is becoming increasingly well-known, thanks in no small part to the pure selection and value that we’ve mentioned. And rather than search every tour operator on the Internet, an increasing number of people have realized that for the sake of convenience, there’s simply no beating the amazing tours..




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